Take Our Quiz: Dental Technology

Take Our Quiz Dental TechnologyDental visits have come a long way in the past 100 years. The first US dental X-rays were made around 1900. The first dental hygienist education program was established in 1913. In 1945, Grand Rapids began the first community program of fluoridated drinking water. Innovations in dental technology are ongoing, and they make a difference to our patients every day. You can be sure we are keeping up with what is on the horizon, to help you take excellent care of your teeth and gums!

Which technology is used to examine tooth enamel:

  1. DIAGNOdent laser
  2. Enamelyzing rays
  3. Soft tissue laser

#1 is correct. The DIAGNOdent laser can highlight areas of weakened tooth enamel before they are visible to the naked eye. This allows us to address tooth weakness or other issues at the earliest stages, rather than waiting for deeper trouble to develop. You will see it in use at routine checkup and cleaning appointments.  A soft tissue laser is used for cosmetic gum contouring procedures. It can safely and precisely trim excess gum tissue with a minimum of bleeding. There is no such thing as Enamelyzing Rays.

The advantages of digital X-rays include:

  1. They expose the patient to a much smaller amount of radiation
  2. The results are immediately available for viewing
  3. They can be stored easily and compactly
  4. They can be shared electronically with other dentists or specialists when needed

This is a trick question! All of the above are advantages to digital X-rays! Digital X-rays are safe, fast and easy to store and share.

Dental Scaling is:

  1. Applying protective Teflon scales to the teeth to prevent cavities
  2. Cleaning plaque and tartar from the teeth with ultrasonic technology
  3. Weighing the teeth at dental visits, to determine if enamel is being lost

#2 is correct. Dental scaling is a method our dental hygienists can use as an alternative to traditional methods of cleaning plaque and tartar off the teeth. Scaling uses ultrasonic technology (sound waves).


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