Can Sedation Dentistry Calm Your Fears?

Can Sedation Dentistry Help You?Has it been years since you last visited the dentist? If so, what has stopped you from seeking treatment that could help preserve your teeth and gums’ health? Is it concern that you may have developed a problem that will require restorative dentistry, perhaps even extensive treatment measures? Or, is it simply a general anxiety about seeing the dentist that stops you from receiving preventive or restorative treatment? If you have long suffered from dental anxiety, there is good news. Sedation dentistry could help you safely and effectively overcome those fears, in order to receive the care your smile needs to stay healthy.

Understanding Dental Procedures Can Help

In the case of fear over specific dental procedures, speaking with your dentist can often help. For instance, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that many modern dental restorative treatments are minimally invasive, and they often offer cosmetic benefits as well.

Sedation Can Address Dental Anxiety

If your concern is due to general dental anxiety, though, you may want to speak with your dentist about how sedation dentistry might be able to help. Most dentists offer a number of safe sedation options that can be used to calm patients with anxiety, such as oral sedatives and nitrous oxide, which is commonly called laughing gas. Both can help keep patients calm and relaxed before and during treatment.

Sedation can also be used to help patients with physical conditions that make it difficult or impossible to sit still for long periods of time, to receive smile-saving and preventive dental treatment, safely and comfortably.