Is Invisalign® Right For My Smile?

Is Invisalign® Right For My Smile?Life with a crooked, overcrowded, oddly spaced, or uneven smile can be challenging. Not only can this kind of smile make you feel less confident, a crooked smile is at an increased risk for developing tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder, and other issues. Because of this, straightening teeth has benefits that go beyond your smile’s appearance. A straighter smile can make for a healthier smile.  Invisalign® clear treatment can be a way for adults or teenagers to discreetly straighten their smile. There are some benefits to Invisalign® treatment that may make it right for your smile

Nearly Invisible Treatment

Invisalign® clear aligners are hard to see from a distance and are barely visible in photographs. If you have avoided straightening your smile because you fear the way you would look in traditional metal braces then you may find the discretion of Invisalign® aligners right for you. A crooked smile can create nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide, which is what increases your risks for tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening your smile helps reduce the areas for bacteria to build up.

Efficient and Effective

Invisalign® often offers a shorter treatment time than traditional orthodontic treatments. Over the span of the treatment, the clear acrylic aligners will incrementally shift your teeth into healthier positions. Prior to wearing the aligners, you and your dentist will discuss your smile goals to create a treatment plan. Based on your specific needs and goals, the treatment plan will be customized just for you. Very precise measurements will be taken of your mouth and teeth; these details will then be used to create your custom aligners. Once the aligners are created, you will be in control of wearing them. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatment, the Invisalign® clear aligners can and should be removed during eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

Is Invisalign® right for your smile?

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