Is Medication Affecting Your Smile?

Is Medication Affecting Your Smile?If you take daily medication, it may have effects on your smile that you haven’t considered. Unfortunately, as we get older, the amount of medication we take on a daily basis increases. With some medical issues, younger people also may need to take long-term medication. Whatever the situation is, it is important to know of the possible changes that medication can create in your mouth so that you can talk to your dentist about them. Your dental team in Lafayette, LA wants to help you address whatever smile needs you may be encountering. The more information your dentist knows about your daily life, the better your needs can be met. 

Dry Mouth

Many medications cause the side effect of dry mouth. A dry mouth is a perfect home for bacteria to thrive because saliva is less likely to rinse it away. Thriving bacteria can increase your risks for tooth decay and gum disease. A lubricated mouth is more likely to flush away harmful bacteria while keeping the pH levels balanced. If your oral pH balance is off, the acidity can rise and lead to cavities. A dry mouth is also a cause of chronic bad breath, as the lingering bacteria can create foul odors. If your dentist is aware that you are on medication that causes dry mouth, options can be provided to help offset the dryness.

Stains and Discoloration

Certain medication can create discoloration on your teeth. If you have been keeping up with your oral hygiene routine, yet you still notice a grey, blue, or any discoloration of your teeth, it could be caused by your medication. Once the cause of your discoloration is pinpointed, your dentist can then offer the best cosmetic options to restore your smile’s natural appearance. The option best suited for your needs will depend on whether the medication is causing stains from the inside or outside of your teeth.

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