Lafayette Dentist Explores Dental Crowns of Today

guy with healthy smileDental crowns are among the most widely-used dental restorations today, and serve a variety of functions that make them the ideal solution for many different situations. As a replica of your tooth, a dental crown can offer vital protection to a tooth that’s been too damaged or weakened to protect itself. In some cases, a dental crown can even replace a tooth that’s been lost or extracted, either from severe dental disease or accidental trauma. Today, your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael J. Young, explores the uses of modern dental crowns and the different ways in which they can restore and preserve your smile.

Artistic Restorations for Damaged Teeth

Your teeth, especially the strong protective layer of enamel that surrounds them, are the strongest part of your body. Unfortunately, once a tooth is damaged or compromised by tooth decay, it cannot repair itself or regrow its damaged structure. For instance, if your tooth is treated for extensive decay, which involves excavating the diseased structure, then your tooth may become structurally weak. While a dental filling or root canal treatment can remove the decay, a dental crown is often added to fortify the tooth for future use.

Lifelike Replacement for a Single Lost Tooth

Restoring damaged teeth is one of the oldest uses for dental crowns; however, the innovative dental restorations have gained a new importance with the advent of dental implants. As prosthetic tooth roots, dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone, and once healed, can serve as an anchor for replacement dental crown. By replicating your tooth’s root and crown structure, your implant-supported dental crown can replace your entire lost tooth, preserving your oral health in the long-run.

Dental Crowns and More at Your Lafayette Dentist’s Office

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