Category: Restorative Dentistry

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatments are common, but if you have never experienced the treatment, the words “root canal” may make you feel nervous. The nervousness may stem from decades-worth of the words, “root canal” being used as a punchline in television shows and movies often to refer to a painful dental procedure. However, the truth is… Read more »

Treating Tooth Decay At Different Stages

With vigilant oral hygiene, regular dental exams and cleanings, and mindfulness about what you eat and drink, you can usually prevent tooth decay from attacking your teeth. Prevention is important because once tooth decay starts to progress in your smile, it will continue to worsen until you address it. Addressing tooth decay requires different treatment… Read more »

Correcting Cosmetic And Dental Concerns With A Crown

Dental crowns are effective protectors of vulnerable teeth. By covering your tooth above the gum line, they can keep it safe from harm, and avoid any functional concerns. It can be easy to focus so much on the way crowns offer restorative dental health support that you fail to see how they can offer cosmetic… Read more »

Can Tooth Decay Lead To Problems With My Smile?

Tooth decay can create some obvious oral health concerns, particularly if complications develop. However, you may also be concerned that a history of cavities will lead to problems for your smile. Fortunately, modern restorative dental care can limit the impact fillings and crowns can have on your appearance. Your dentist will use life-like materials to… Read more »

Providing Proper Care For A Damaged Tooth

When you find the right solution to dental damage, you can make sure that your tooth is protected, and that your smile still looks great. Different degrees of dental damage can call for different strategies. In some cases, your damage may be visible, but it may not have an impact on the health or function… Read more »

Receiving A Crown That Looks Like A Natural Tooth

If you have a cavity diagnosed, or if you suffer dental damage, you can be upset over the idea that your smile will never be the same again. You can feel confident that restorative dental work will protect your tooth, but worried that it will leave you with a distracting restoration that disrupts your appearance…. Read more »

Addressing Different Types Of Dental Damage

Dental damage can create a permanent problem with your smile. Chips and cracks can make you self-conscious about a permanent flaw. In some cases, an injury can lead to a tooth producing more dentin, which will lead to the tooth looking duller, making it stand apart from its neighbors. While you may not be able… Read more »

Recognizing The Importance Of Prompt Cavity Care

Seeking prompt care for a cavity can help make sure you avoid needing more involved restorative dental work. This is because tooth decay spreads over time – you can prevent a cavity, but once one forms, your dentist’s expertise will be needed to stop it. If you want to ensure you avoid letting a more… Read more »

Is Dental Sensitivity a Cause for Concern?

Have you been suffering from discomfort, lately, when you sit down to eat or even take a sip of a hot beverage? If so, it is it making it quite difficult to enjoy daily activities, like mealtimes or after-work drinks with friends. Fortunately, restorative dentistry makes it possible to rebound from most dental issues, including… Read more »

Why Does My Tooth Keep Hurting?

Do you struggle to chew comfortably, because of heightened dental sensitivity or even discomfort? Are you worried that you could be in need of restorative treatment, to address an issue like a cavity, a chip, or other trauma? It is important to realize that teeth aren’t like other body parts, many of which can help… Read more »