Category: Restorative Dentistry

Selecting Your Crown, And Arranging Its Placement

If your tooth becomes vulnerable because of tooth decay, or due to an injury, lasting protection will be needed. In many cases where oral health problems occur, the proper solution will be the placement of a dental crown. At our Lafayette, LA dental practice, our restorative dental services include the use of dental crowns to… Read more »

That Pain In Your Tooth Could Be A Symptom Of A Cavity

If you just spend a little time toughing the matter out, you can wait for a toothache to subside on its own, and avoid a trip to the dentist’s office…right? This mindset can lead to trouble for your oral health. The pain in your tooth can be a symptom of a cavity, one that is… Read more »

3 Issues That Can Make It Harder For You To Avoid Cavities

How much of a cavity risk do you currently face? Is your normal smile routine as effective as you would like to believe? Cavities are a common problem, and you can affect your risk in more ways than you might realize. Your effective brushing and flossing routine can be undermined because of your weakness for… Read more »

Improving Your Appearance And Oral Health After Tooth Loss

You can understandably have some concerns about the way tooth loss affects the way others perceive you. You can look older, and less healthy, if you have a noticeable gap due to a missing tooth. You can also find yourself dealing with frustration over the way tooth loss makes biting and chewing more difficult. Your… Read more »

Making Sure You Feel Confident In Your Smile After A Cavity

When tooth decay forms, your tooth faces a serious risk. As time passes, a cavity can continue to grow, and you can suffer the permanent loss of more enamel. Eventually, decay can lead to an internal infection that causes your tooth serious discomfort. An infection like this will need to be treated with a root… Read more »

How to Tell if Your Root Canal Needs Therapy

Your dental health isn’t static. Your teeth can be perfectly healthy during one routine visit, and during the next, you may learn that a tooth is decaying and needs immediate treatment to restore it. Depending on the extent of the decay, you might be able to treat it by filling the cavity it caused in… Read more »

Fixing a Cracked Tooth Isn’t Difficult – But It’s Important

You might not always know that you’ve cracked a tooth, especially if it occurred gradually instead of instantly, such as from accidental trauma. However, the resulting discomfort of the damage will eventually make it obvious, and treating it will become increasingly more important. For some tooth cracks and fractures, though, fixing the damage might seem… Read more »

What Happens When a Tooth Filling Fails?

When you have a cavity, it’s natural to wonder what might happen if you don’t treat it soon. After treating it, though, you should be able to continue about your daily routine without worrying about it anymore (beyond protecting it with good hygiene practices). However, some patients still have trouble due to a failure of… Read more »

Why Is A Root Canal Needed For Some Cavities And Not Others?

Cavities continue to grow, and continue to cause harm, until you undergo the appropriate restorative dental treatment. In some cases, a person can count on proper care in the form of a dental filling, which is placed after the decayed portion of their tooth is removed. In other cases, an individual can find themselves in… Read more »

Get A Filling Sooner Than Later

It can be disappointing to hear from your dentist that you need a dental filling. That disappointment could lead to some procrastination, which ultimately can lead to worsening problems for your smile. If your dentist recommends that you treat a tooth with a filling, it is best to do it sooner than later. Specifically when… Read more »