The Importance of Restoring A Tooth

The Importance of Restoring A ToothYou only get one smile. Once your baby teeth have fallen out and your permanent teeth have emerged, that’s it. No teeth will grow in afterward. Your teeth do not repair themselves or regenerate like bones or skin. If the enamel of your tooth is broken or eroded, it will not heal. While this may sound like doom and gloom, it isn’t all bad. Your teeth are incredibly strong and they are built to withstand biting and chewing for your entire life. Thanks to advances in dental technology, restorative dental care is better than ever. Restoring your tooth can protect it from further damage and it can give it back the strength it naturally had. Ignoring the need for restoration can leave that tooth in danger of falling out or a necessary extraction. 

A Filling For a Cavity

Tooth decay attacks your tooth’s enamel first. Over time, the acidity can wear away the enamel creating holes, known as dental caries or cavities. To stop the tooth decay from destroying more of the tooth, a filling may become necessary. A dental filling is a process that involves disinfecting the tooth to clear away all bacteria before restoring it using a composite resin material. The resin is biocompatible and can be color-matched to your enamel, so that it can blend in with your smile. The resin is strong and can restore your tooth’s ability to chew and resist attacks from decay.

Relief from Root Canal Treatment

When decay is given time to get inside your tooth (or if a tooth is severely damaged), it can infect your inner pulp, the area of your tooth with nerves and soft tissues. At this stage, the decay can cause inflammation and infection that can be quite painful. A root canal treatment can relieve some of that pain by disinfecting the inner pulp of your tooth. A crown may be necessary to cap the tooth restoring it and providing permanent protection.

Restoring a tooth can save it from extraction

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