Treating Your Affected Tooth With A Dependable Custom Crown

An injured tooth, or a tooth that is experiencing the ill effects of a cavity, can be in serious need of treatment. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can review a tooth that is in poor shape, and recommend the appropriate restorative dental treatment. If the problem is serious enough, it may require the placement of a dental crown. Crowns cover all of the teeth they protect above the gum line. This is about more than just keeping a tooth safe against future damage or infections. The restoration is meant to act as a substitute for your tooth when you bite and chew.

Different Types Of Crowns Available For Patients

Different scenarios can call for different types of support from a crown. You might need a crown that promises outstanding functional support – for example, a crown placed on a molar will need to be ready to absorb serious pressure when you bite and chew. Metal crowns can work well in this situation because they are remarkably tough. They can be a poor visual match for enamel, but these teeth are difficult to see when you smile, so their overall effect on your appearance can be limited. If you need to have work done on a tooth that is easier to see, your dentist can recommend a porcelain crown, or one made from zirconia. These material types can be a close visual match to your tooth, so they can offer important cosmetic benefits as well as functional benefits.

What Kind Of Issues Make Dental Crowns Necessary?

Dental crowns are commonly used to restore teeth that have been affected by decay. If you have a cavity that is serious enough to demand treatment via a root canal procedure, a dental crown can be required. With that said, it is possible to have a cavity treated before a crown might be needed. Dental fillings can address minor cavities by occupying the space where decay needed to be addressed. In some circumstances, a crown can be recommended even if no cavity formed on the tooth. An injured tooth, or one that is too weak for proper biting and chewing, can make a restoration necessary.

Changing Your Oral Health Habits Can Reduce Your Smile Risks

If you keep up with the right smile habits, you can protect yourself against issues that might call for a dental crown. Keeping up with regular dental exams can make cavities less likely – these visits also help you because you receive reviews that can recognize cavities in their early stages. In between your appointments, you should have a solid brushing and flossing routine in place to defend you from accumulating harmful plaque and oral bacteria – inconsistent oral hygiene habits can leave you vulnerable to tooth decay.

Talk To Dr. Young About Having A Custom Crown Made And Placed

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