A History of Dental Veneers from Your Lafayette Cosmetic Dentist

VeneersA few weeks ago, we discussed porcelain veneers and how versatile they are as a means for making over your entire smile. If you have fractures, overlaps, chips, stains, gaps, or crooked teeth, porcelain veneers are like taking the good parts of your teeth and sculpting them into perfection. This dental innovation has improved greatly over the years so that we are able to now offer patients very realistic and long-lasting results from veneers. Lafayette cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Young, will share more about the history of veneers with you.

Paging Dr. Charles Pincus

It seems rather fitting that dental veneers were invented in the state of California, where many of the greatest films and television shows are produced. Using denture adhesive, Dr. Charles Pincus figured out a way to stick prosthetic facade teeth onto the front of one’s natural tooth surfaces. Unfortunately, denture adhesive only provides temporary bonding. Early dental veneers would only last for a few hours at a clip before slipping and falling off all together. This made them a perfect tool for make-up artists in the entertainment industry that wanted to naturally transform the look of an actor. Fortunately, in 1982, scientists picked up where Dr. Pincus’ left off and developed a stronger bonding process through the use of composite resin.


The materials for making the adhesive and veneers themselves have continued to evolve with the help of dental research and science. Porcelain became the standard material for the wafer-thin discs that cover up the flaws on your natural teeth. Porcelain proved to be a priceless material for cosmetic dentistry in terms of color-matching as well as tooth-like translucence and light reflection. Though veneers are light-weight, they can usually hold up to a great deal of normal biting and chewing. Just be sure to care for them properly (just as you should with natural teeth). Don’t bite on non-food objects or use your teeth as tools, and your veneers should remain beautiful and intact for years to come.

Porcelain Veneers from Your Lafayette Cosmetic Dentist

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