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Using Lumineers To Make Impressive Changes To Your Smile

The right cosmetic dental procedure can transform your smile in remarkable ways. You may be able to address issues with the color of your teeth, as well as their shape, size, and condition by seeking your dentist’s help. In fact, you may be able to enjoy all of these changes with less work than you… Read more »

How Should You Address A Gap In Your Smile?

A smile gap can draw undesired attention, and leave you feeling dissatisfied with your appearance. Many people fear that an issue with the spacing of their teeth can only be corrected with metal braces. In some cases, braces will be the best approach to fixing alignment problems, but you may have other treatment options. Cosmetic… Read more »

Completing Your Teeth Whitening Before An Important Event

If you have an important event on your calendar, you presumably want to look your best. One way you can make sure you are ready for a significant moment like a wedding, or an important interview, is to address cosmetic concerns about your teeth. With a professional whitening treatment, you can make dramatic improvements to… Read more »

Taking Action To Fix Your Dental Alignment Concerns

By correcting problems with poor dental alignment, you can make a remarkable improvement to the quality of your smile. If you have been reluctant to seek a solution to problems with teeth that overlap, or gaps between teeth, due to concerns about braces, you can talk to your dentist about clear aligners. With clear aligners,… Read more »

Addressing Common Questions People Have About Veneers

If you want to make significant cosmetic changes to your smile, you may be interested in finding out how porcelain veneers can help you. You may have already seen how veneers can transform a person’s smile by addressing all visible flaws, but you might be unsure of how they can help you. If you have… Read more »

Identifying Threats To The Brightness Of Your Smile

How do you feel about the brightness of your smile right now? If you feel good about the color of your teeth, you presumably want to make sure you can keep them in good condition. If you are bothered to see that your enamel has grown dull or discolored, you may be ready to see… Read more »

Don’t Let Dental Wear And Tear Undermine Your Smile

Our teeth are tough, but they have a tough job that can eventually cause wear and tear to form. Your jaw can produce terrific force when you bite down, and over time the friction from biting and chewing can affect the look of your smile. While this can be a natural occurrence, patients can still… Read more »

Using Contouring Treatments To Improve Your Smile

When it comes to cosmetic dental work, less may be more. Contouring treatments are recommended for patients who need to do something about problems like excessive or uneven gum tissue, or overly large or jagged teeth. These problems can throw off the symmetry of your appearance, and hurt the quality of your smile. During a… Read more »

Do Something About Teeth Stains Left By Foods And Drinks

The idea of completely cutting out all foods and drinks that can cause stains may feel daunting. Many of us depend on that morning coffee to carry us through our mornings at the office, and plenty of tasty, healthy fruits can leave behind particles that stain our smiles. Limiting your consumption of items that can… Read more »

Quiz: Approaching Big Cosmetic Dental Improvements

You may be excited by the idea of making big cosmetic dental improvements happen, but that excitement can be mixed with a feeling of intimidation. How long will it take before you see real results? Can your dentist make the changes you are hoping to see? During a consultation, you and your dentist can discuss… Read more »