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Quiz: Approaching Big Cosmetic Dental Improvements

You may be excited by the idea of making big cosmetic dental improvements happen, but that excitement can be mixed with a feeling of intimidation. How long will it take before you see real results? Can your dentist make the changes you are hoping to see? During a consultation, you and your dentist can discuss… Read more »

Correcting Multiple Dental Flaws For A Fantastic Smile

If you are preoccupied by several dental flaws that affect your smile, you may worry a significant amount of cosmetic dental work would be needed to really improve your appearance. Fortunately, there are cosmetic procedures that can make many impressive changes, meaning you may be close to a transformed image than you realize. One way… Read more »

Providing Proper Care For A Damaged Tooth

When you find the right solution to dental damage, you can make sure that your tooth is protected, and that your smile still looks great. Different degrees of dental damage can call for different strategies. In some cases, your damage may be visible, but it may not have an impact on the health or function… Read more »

Different Approaches That Can Lead To A Notably Whiter Smile

So you want a whiter smile…how are you going to make that happen? Through the cosmetic dental work provided by your dentist, you can gain remarkable results. A professional whitening treatment allows you to use products that offer a means of addressing enamel stains that exceeds what you can gain from store-bought products. When you… Read more »

Talking To Your Dentist About Veneers And Lumineers

Consulting with your dentist about cosmetic dental care can lead to big improvements to your smile. There are several treatments you can choose from, and your dentist can help you appreciate what approach can be most beneficial. Patients who want to transform their smile by making several changes will often pursue improvement through the placement… Read more »

Precise Cosmetic Improvements Through Bonding And Contouring

Have you ever found yourself thinking how your smile would look so much better if you could fix that one little issue with a tooth? A relatively minor dental flaw can have a big impact on a person’s appearance. Luckily, cosmetic dental care can help you correct the matter, and see a big improvement to… Read more »

Quiz: What Can Be Done About Spacing And Alignment Issues?

Spacing and alignment issues can frustrate people, as they may draw unwanted attention, and hurt the overall quality of their smile. Many patients will go on to make corrections by undergoing a treatment with clear braces. Invisalign and ClearCorrect both provide orthodontic corrections that will gradually put your teeth in more appropriate positions, without requiring… Read more »

Taking Action Against Tobacco Stains That Affect Your Smile

Tobacco’s effects on your health can be serious. One area where you can experience problems is your oral health. You will face an increased risk for problems like gum disease, and potentially serious conditions like oral cancer. If you have been a user of tobacco products, you have hopefully already cut yourself off from its… Read more »

Finding The Right Solution For A Gap In Your Smile

A smile gap that stands out in your smile can be a bothersome presence. If you are self-conscious about the presence of a gap, it can undermine your confidence, and make you less comfortable with how you look. Gaps can be caused by alignment issues, but some patients will have this problem because of size… Read more »

Bringing Your Dentist’s Whitening Kit Home With You

What makes the whitening kit you receive from your dentist different from the various whitening products you can pick up from your nearby grocery store or pharmacy? Your dentist can supply you with prescription strength whitening gels that have a bigger impact on your smile by attacking staining agents that hide in deeper layers of… Read more »