Who Uses Sedation Dentistry, And Why?

Who Uses Sedation Dentistry And WhyPeople who look forward to dental procedures are few and far between. Even a routine checkup and cleaning can be a source of anxiety for some people. One solution is to avoid seeing a dentist, but this is an unfortunate choice. Teeth cannot repair themselves, and checkups and cleanings are important to good oral health. For anxious patients, sedation dentistry is an option that allows them to receive the care they need, without the discomfort they are concerned about.

When Sedation is Helpful

Some patients find they prefer sedation for almost all procedures. This may be due to a sensitive gag reflex, or a low tolerance for certain sounds or pressures. For patients facing a lengthy procedure, sitting still in the chair can be difficult. Sedation will help ease the fidgetiness, and allow a more relaxed feeling. For procedures such as root canal therapy, sedation dentistry is combined with anesthetics administered to numb tooth and gum structures in a specific area.

Some Sedation Options

We will go over your health history at a consultation appointment, to make sure this is an appropriate option. We may ask patients with obstructive sleep apnea and a few other conditions to consult with their medical doctor first. Our office uses two types of sedation:

Nitrous Oxide (also known as laughing gas) is a light sedation option that will give you an overall feeling of relaxation. Most patients can safely drive at the completion of the treatment. We will carefully monitor your condition both during and after, for your comfort and safety.

Sedation in the form of a pill is a better choice for some patients and/or some procedures. You will be given a prescription medication to help you relax and feel drowsy during the procedure.

Your comfort and health are very important to us. Please let us know at any consultation, checkup or cleaning if you are interested in more information on sedation dentistry options.


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