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Sedation Can Help You Manage Anxieties About Dental Work

It can be a relief to know that modern restorative dental work is able to repair problems with your teeth while also preserving the look of your smile. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can make sure that the work you undergo to address problems like tooth decay will not hurt your appearance, while still ensuring your… Read more »

3 Ways To Handle Your Dental Anxiety

If you get sweaty and nervous just thinking about a dental visit, you are not alone. Many Americans express some form of dental anxiety. Many of these people can work through it to get the care that they need. Unfortunately, dental anxiety can keep many people from getting routine dental care. Foregoing preventive care like… Read more »

I Think I Have Dental Anxiety

Millions of Americans get anxious just thinking about visiting the dentist. Some of those people have such a high level of fear and anxiety, they have what is known as odontophobia, an overwhelming fear of dentistry. Whether you have a full-on phobia or just a mild case of the jitters, it is important not to… Read more »

Sedation Dentistry Can Improve Your Dental Care Experience

Anxious patients tend to struggle with dental care. When a person has more extreme feelings of unease, they may find that even the most routine dental visits lead to feelings of alarm. Your dentist is proud to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment. If you find that even the most reassuring office experience is still unnerving… Read more »

Consider Dental Sedation If Dental Anxiety Affects You

Your dentist can offer the kind of comprehensive care that allows you to enjoy a lifetime of good oral health, and a terrific smile. Of course, if you let anxiety keep you away from the dentist’s chair, you will not have a means of accessing those benefits. With the appropriate dental sedation, your dentist can… Read more »

Keep Calm and Smile On with Help from Sedation Dentistry

Has it been years since you last visited the dentist for even a preventive checkup? Is that because of a longstanding or deep fear of dentists? Many people struggle with dental anxiety, either because of poor experiences in the past or simply a generalized anxiety. Fortunately, sedation dentistry is an effective way for many patients… Read more »

Can Sedation Dentistry Calm Your Fears?

Has it been years since you last visited the dentist? If so, what has stopped you from seeking treatment that could help preserve your teeth and gums’ health? Is it concern that you may have developed a problem that will require restorative dentistry, perhaps even extensive treatment measures? Or, is it simply a general anxiety… Read more »

2 Essential Questions About Sedation Dentistry

It’s not uncommon for patients to fear dental appointments, but it shouldn’t keep you from seeking the help and treatment you need. If you experience anxiety before you see your dentist, don’t be afraid to confide in them. Sedation dentistry has become widely used across the industry to help patients who suffer from the same… Read more »

Who Uses Sedation Dentistry, And Why?

People who look forward to dental procedures are few and far between. Even a routine checkup and cleaning can be a source of anxiety for some people. One solution is to avoid seeing a dentist, but this is an unfortunate choice. Teeth cannot repair themselves, and checkups and cleanings are important to good oral health…. Read more »

Sedation: Q&A

Are you a patient who wants to come in for preventive care or other treatments but you feel too nervous at the thought of scheduling an appointment? Do you feel fine making an appointment but cannot seem to relax in the dental chair? Whatever your concern, we encourage you to speak up about your hesitation,… Read more »