Address That Cavity with Comfort and Confidence

Restore Your Smile with ConfidenceAre you worried that you might be struggling with your first-ever cavity? For patients who have never been diagnosed with dental caries (or cavities, as they are more commonly called) before, it can be difficult to recognize the common symptoms they create. It can also be frightening, since they might not know if the smile can be restored, and if so what that restoration will look or feel like. Fortunately, modern dental restorations like tooth-colored fillings are designed to be comfortable and confidence-inducing forms of restoration. Plus, by simply paying attention to changes in your smile, you can greatly increase your chance of catching burgeoning issues, like cavities, quickly, before they have had time to progress to the point of requiring more extensive restorative treatment.

Tooth-colored Fillings Can Help Repair Many Teeth

For many years, dental fillings were commonly made of a metal amalgam material. Unfortunately, this material posed a few potential problems.

Perhaps most problematic was the fact that the metal could be uncomfortable for those with metal sensitivities, and an unfeasible solution for those with metal allergies. Due to its high conductivity level, too, many patients experienced discomfort when trying to enjoy meals or hot beverages. Secondly, these fillings were easily spotted, and therefore created a great deal of insecurity for many wearers of these metal fillings.

Fortunately, modern dental fillings can be made of a more seamless material, known as composite resin. This can be shaded and sculpted to look natural, creating more cosmetically-pleasing restorations, and often more comfortable ones, as well.