Why Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Because they can create serious problems for your oral health, wisdom teeth are often extracted. You may wonder why teeth that occur naturally cause such concern, or why extraction is often the recommended course. The trouble with wisdom teeth lies in how they fit in with the rest of your teeth. Actually, it might be more accurate to say the trouble lies with how they do not fit in. When they erupt, these third molars can cause crowding, and lead to discomfort. By carefully extracting your wisdom teeth, your Lafayette, LA dentist can protect you from the development of persistent issues that affect your dental alignment, and your well-being.

The Arrival Of Your Wisdom Teeth Can Create Problems For Your Smile

Because your wisdom teeth can have limited space available to them, they can erupt improperly. If your wisdom teeth become impacted, meaning they erupt in an improper fashion, they can crowd their neighbors, and create issues you would likely be happier avoiding. Those concerns include issues with pain, disrupted dental alignment, and more. Rather than allow these issues to occur, your dentist can safely extract your wisdom teeth. This will not create issues with your dental function – instead, it can allow you to continue enjoying comfortable biting and chewing motions.

Carefully Extracting Your Wisdom Teeth

During wisdom teeth extraction, your dentist will exercise care to minimize your discomfort. While other examples of tooth extraction typically involve the removal of badly damaged or infected teeth, this process will see your dentist remove teeth that are arriving improperly. Fortunately, this extraction does not require the placement of a prosthetic, so you can enjoy life with your healthy smile after you recover from the removal of your wisdom teeth.

Regular Checkups Keep Your Dentist Informed About Potential Dental Troubles

How can you know when your wisdom teeth are arriving, and how they might arrive? During your routine dental exams, your dentist can perform evaluations to identify issues that could cause trouble at a later date. That includes recognizing when there might be an issue with your wisdom teeth. These visits can also lead to the discovery of cavities, and problems with TMJ dysfunction, which can call for care.

Talk To Dr. Young About Your Wisdom Teeth

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