FAQs: How Do You Replace Missing Teeth?


Do you suffer from the loss of one or more permanent teeth? When we lose our teeth, we also lose our ability to eat and speak as we once did. In addition, missing teeth can also lead to misalignment and facial collapse. In order to return your smile to optimal health and function, you need to restore your smile. How do you replace missing teeth? We offer a number of options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Replacing Missing Teeth in Lafayette, LA

Question: How does a dental bridge work?

Answer: A bridge is a popular method of restoring lost teeth. First, we take impression of your smile to create the artificial teeth. We will then place crowns on either side of the new teeth. The crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. Anchored in place, crowns offer up to 15 years of quality smile improvement.

Question: Do I need a partial denture?

Answer: Do you have multiple missing teeth? Do you not yet need a full set of dentures? If so, partials may be an excellent choice for you. Designed to replace multiple lost teeth spread across an arch, partials consists of artificial teeth with metal clasps attached to each end. We attach the clasps to the remaining natural teeth to secure your new prosthesis.

Question: Do you provide a full dental prosthesis?

Answer: In addition to partials, we also offer full sets of dentures. An entire arch of artificial teeth will be created from lifelike materials. The prosthesis will also have an acrylic base designed to look like natural gum tissue.

Question: What are dental implants?

Answer: With dental implants, we insert an implant directly into the jawbone. The implant post bonds with the jawbone and is then topped with a crown. The result is a lifelike tooth that can last 25 years or more.


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