Treating Tooth Decay At Different Stages

Treating Tooth Decay At Different StagesWith vigilant oral hygiene, regular dental exams and cleanings, and mindfulness about what you eat and drink, you can usually prevent tooth decay from attacking your teeth. Prevention is important because once tooth decay starts to progress in your smile, it will continue to worsen until you address it. Addressing tooth decay requires different treatment depending on the stage of the decay. In the very earliest stage of tooth decay, it may be able to be reversed with a professional cleaning. However, once tooth decay has eroded away enamel, it can no longer be reversed. Treatment of tooth decay is essential to protect your tooth and the rest of your smile. 

A Filling For a Cavity

Once tooth decay has broken your tooth’s enamel, the tooth is vulnerable to further decay, infection, and damage. Treatment with a filling allows for your dentist to clear away any bacteria and remove any damage pieces of tooth. Once disinfected completely, the tooth can be restored with a biocompatible, tooth-colored material that can mimic the function and appearance of your tooth’s enamel. A filling can stop the tooth decay from getting worse, while also restoring your tooth’s abilities to bite and chew.

Treatment for Infected Inner Pulp

If a filling is not done to stop tooth decay, the cavity in your main tooth’s structure can allow bacteria to reach the pulp chamber where the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels are housed. This can create inflammation, infection, and quite a toothache. A root canal treatment will allow your dentist to clean the pulp of infected tissues, as well as the root canal. After the area is cleaned, your dentist will restore the inner area and cap the vulnerable tooth with a custom crown.

Extraction as a Last Resort

If infection has been given enough time to spread deep within your tooth, root canal treatment may not be enough to stop the infection. To prevent an infected tooth from causing problems for the rest of your mouth or even the rest of your body, a dental extraction may be necessary.

It is important to treat tooth decay early

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