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Tooth Filling or Dental Crown? Lafayette Dentist Explains the Difference

Teeth are strong. In fact, their outer layer (tooth enamel) is the strongest material your body produces. Teeth are not, however, indestructible, nor are they immune to disease and infection. Luckily, the field of dentistry has advanced considerably since its humble beginnings (which, so far, have been traced as far back as 7000 BC). Even… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Reminds You Not to Forget Hygiene this Halloween

The season is ripe for the candy harvest, and children of all ages are gearing up to roam the streets searching for sweet treasures or crash monster parties to celebrate. In fact, candy largely makes Halloween the successful holiday it is today. Aside from making Halloween special, however, candy also poses a considerable threat to… Read more »

Trust Us, Pick the Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

Before the invention of acrylic, toothbrush bristles were made from all kinds of materials we would not think of putting in our mouths today. While other mammals contributed to the animal hair toothbrush bristle industry, the most popular toothbrushes were made from boar’s hair bristles. One of the major disadvantages to these animal hair toothbrushes… Read more »

Fast Food and Your Teeth

In today’s hectic society, finding time to sit and eat a home-cooked meal three times a day can be difficult. You may be too rushed to eat breakfast before you fly out the door on your way to work. Stopping at a fast-food restaurant for a quick breakfast may seem like a good idea when… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Sheds Light on Proper Dental Habits

Doing the most you can for your oral health is as simple as one, two, and three; brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once, and visit your dentist at least twice a year. As simple as the proper oral hygiene routine is, if done incorrectly, you may wind up causing… Read more »

Revisit the Basics of Oral Health with Your Lafayette Dentist

  How often do you think about your oral health? If you are like most people, then the answer is probably “not very often.” Your teeth, however, are essential to everyday functions like eating and speaking and deserve at least a little consideration. Lafayette dentist Dr. Michael Young encourages you to take this Basics of… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Warns Against Damaging Summer Refreshments

Thirst is strongly associated with summertime. With the sun blaring down at full capacity, not much time passes between stepping outside and feeling like you need to rehydrate. Doctors recommend drinking at least 8-12 cups of water a day, possibly more due to excessive moisture loss from constant sweat. Many people, however, prefer flavored drinks,… Read more »

Lafayette Family Dentist Reminds Us of the Dangers of Tobacco

Dr. Michael Young and his team would like to remind you that May 31st marks World No Tobacco Day. While we strongly encourage patients to abstain from all forms of tobacco on that day, Dr. Young encourages abstinence every day, all year round. It is well documented that tobacco use is harmful to your health,… Read more »

Safe Alcohol Consumption in Lafayette

Drinking alcohol decreases your mental focus and concentration, but it also destroys your dental health. Alcohol contributes to enamel erosion, tooth decay, gum disease, dry mouth, and oral cancer. In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month, Dr. Young offers these tips to keep your mouth healthy when consuming alcohol. Designated Hygienist You may be too tired… Read more »

Proper Toothbrush Care

You probably already know that brushing your teeth twice a day is very important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, brushing won’t be very effective if your toothbrush is not in good shape. Dr. Young can make sure your toothbrush care and brushing habits are protecting your smile. Let’s see how much you… Read more »