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Could You Sleep More Soundly with Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Do you frequently find yourself waking up, feeling unrested, no matter how many hours you have been asleep? Are you having difficulties at work, due to an inability to concentrate, general fatigue, or even irritability? What many people don’t realize is that these can all be common warning signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a serious… Read more »

How Can You Better Care for Your Smile?

Are you concerned about your smile, because of struggles with cavities in the past, a recent diagnosis of gum disease, or simply general worry that you might should be doing more to preserve your pearly whites’ beauty and their health? Many people want to take great care of their smiles, knowing they are one of… Read more »

Healthy Ideas for Lunch from Your Preventive Dentist

Great parents know that packing school lunches is both an art form and an exercise in patience. After all, most kids are pretty picky eaters, who may request dozens of special alterations to their sandwiches and snacks. To help make lunch packing a bit more successful and a lot less stressful, you can actually take… Read more »

Healthy Drinks that Could Be Damaging Your Smile

In your quest to get healthy this year, do you find yourself consuming a variety of drinks that claim to detoxify, rejuvenate or otherwise enrich your body? From green juices to fruit-infused water, protein powders to detoxes, there are a number of seemingly healthy products that claim they can help make you healthier than ever… Read more »

Can You Prevent Dental Problems This Summer?

Have you been spending lots of time poolside, so far this summer? Perhaps the extra time you have had off work and the longer daylight hours you’ve been enjoying, have led you on adventures both near and far, soaking up the sunrays (safely) and, more importantly, the time with loved ones? What about preventive dentistry,… Read more »

Ever Wonder What Your Smile Really Needs? Part One

Most people take great pride in their smiles, and understand that to keep them healthy, much less beautiful, they must combine diligent dental hygiene with regular preventive care. Unfortunately not everyone knows what is really required to maintain great oral health. Do you sometimes wonder if you could or should be doing more to keep… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Healthy All Through the Season

Fall is a wonderful season for all things food, from pumpkin-spiced everything to pounds of sweet treats. And then there is that Thanksgiving feast to look forward to, followed up by a number of holiday parties. There is definitely a lot to love about autumnal eating. But, not all those foods your belly loves so… Read more »

What About Your Teeth?

If you have spent the last year doing crunches for your abs, drinking milk for your bones, taking vitamins for your hair, and breaking the bad habit of biting your nails, it’s likely you’re concerned with feeling and looking your best. Many people take all kinds of steps to achieve healthy and fit bodies, clear… Read more »

Do You Suffer from Sleep Apnea?

If you have ever been told that you snore – or if you’ve woken yourself up as a result – you should immediately determine whether you suffer from sleep apnea. The same is true if you suffer from any of the common symptoms. The reason we encourage you to learn more about this sleep disorder… Read more »

Brush, Floss, Visit, Repeat

You probably know how important it is that you visit us for your six-month checkups and cleanings because we make sure you to tell you every time we see you. We also encourage you to take excellent care of your teeth and gums at home. This is because all parts of preventive care – both… Read more »