Can I Remove The Stains From My Teeth?

Can I Remove The Stains From My Teeth?It can be easy to believe that dull yellow teeth are simply the result of stains on the outer layer of your teeth. However, tooth discoloration can come in two types: intrinsic and extrinsic. Understanding the difference between these two types of tooth stain can help you better understand how to achieve the brighter smile of your dreams. For example, if you have spent countless money on whitening products only to be left with the same discolored smile, you have teeth with intrinsic stains. Your dentist can be the best resource for helping you determine the type of discoloration affecting your smile and recommending the best ways to counter it. (more…)

When And Why Are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

When And Why Are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?Your teeth emerge from your gums at different stages throughout childhood and into early adulthood. The first teeth to erupt are your incisors, then your canines, then your premolars and molars, and lastly your third molars. Third molars, named as such because they are the third set of molars and last teeth to emerge, are also known as wisdom teeth. Third molars emerge at the farthest back of the mouth. Typically people have four wisdom teeth; one tooth on the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.  While there are lots of people that have no issues with the eruption of their wisdom teeth, many people have wisdom teeth that cause pain, swelling, and infection. When these types of complications occur, extracting the wisdom teeth may become necessary(more…)

Can I Change How My Gums Look?

Can I Change How My Gums Look?The appearance of your smile is not just affected by the appearance of your teeth. Gum tissue that is disproportionately larger than your teeth can make your teeth look small and result in what is commonly known as a “gummy smile.” Even if the gum tissue is proportionate to your teeth, there can be issues with the gum line that can make you feel insecure about your smile. Your gums frame for your teeth, so when your gum tissue is assymmetrical or too long or too short, it can make your teeth look imbalanced or off. Gum contouring can be a way to reshape your gumline and make you feel confident about the way your smile looks.  (more…)

A Healthy Diet For A Healthier Smile

A Healthy Diet For A Healthier Smile You probably already know that sugar can lead to tooth decay. You know that coffee or tea can lead to yellow stains on your smile. You likely know that chewing on ice can be problematic for your teeth, too. While you know the things to avoid for your smile, do you know that there are certain things you can eat or drink to actually help your smile? Having an understanding for the role that your diet and nutrition plays in your teeth and gums’ health can help you make more mindful choices when it comes to what you are consuming. Essentially, a healthy diet is not just good for your waistline, but it can lead to a healthier smile(more…)

Brighter Smiles For Wedding Season

Brighter Smiles For Wedding SeasonSpring is nearly over and summer is upon us, which means that we are in a very busy wedding season. Whether you have your own wedding coming up, somebody else’s big day, or if you have another big life moment altogether, you want to look your sharpest. Brightening your smile with cosmetic dentistry can be a way to get yourself ready for wedding photos. Depending on your smile’s needs, a cosmetic treatment can be an easy and efficient way to make a huge impact on your appearance. Planning early is important when it comes to brightening your smile for a specific event.  (more…)

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

What Is Root Canal Treatment? Root canal treatments are common, but if you have never experienced the treatment, the words “root canal” may make you feel nervous. The nervousness may stem from decades-worth of the words, “root canal” being used as a punchline in television shows and movies often to refer to a painful dental procedure. However, the truth is that root canal treatments are often faster and more comfortable than many patients expect. Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is an important way to restore a damaged or decayed tooth. Once tooth decay has caused infection and inflammation to the inner pulp and roots of a tooth, a root canal treatment can provide relief to pain, save the tooth from extraction, and restore it.  (more…)

Your Snoring May Be A Sign Of Sleep Apnea

Your Snoring May Be A Sign Of Sleep ApneaObstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a very common sleep disorder that affects millions of Americans. While it may sound similar to snoring, OSA can rob you of restful sleep and put you at risk of multiple health issues. Sleep apnea is a condition where the soft tissues of your mouth and throat collapse into your airway causing an obstruction. This creates a lack of oxygen entering your bloodstream, and leads your body to believe you are suffocating. This is why sleep apnea is marked by gasps for breath. This can happen several times a night disrupting your sleep cycle. Facing multiple disruptions in your sleep every night can leave you feeling tired constantly. How do you know if your snoring is just snoring or if is a sign of sleep apnea(more…)

What Does It Mean If My Jaw Hurts And Pops?

What Does It Mean If My Jaw Hurts And Pops?Jaw pain can consist of constant throbbing pain in your jaw and cheeks or it could be sharp pains. The pain might even reach down to your temples, neck, and shoulders. Along with jaw pain, you may be experience popping or clicking. Even chronic headaches could be related to an issue with your jaw. Any of these types of issues could be signs that you have a condition known as TMJ disorder. TMJ is an acronymn for temporomandibular joint, which is the hinge joint that connects the upper and lower parts of your jaw and give it the ability to move. The TMJ joint has one of the most complex movements your entire body because it can move forward, backward, up, down, and side to side. The pain and problems associated with TMJ disorder do not need to be endured forever because there are ways to treat and manage the condition.  (more…)

Treating Tooth Decay At Different Stages

Treating Tooth Decay At Different StagesWith vigilant oral hygiene, regular dental exams and cleanings, and mindfulness about what you eat and drink, you can usually prevent tooth decay from attacking your teeth. Prevention is important because once tooth decay starts to progress in your smile, it will continue to worsen until you address it. Addressing tooth decay requires different treatment depending on the stage of the decay. In the very earliest stage of tooth decay, it may be able to be reversed with a professional cleaning. However, once tooth decay has eroded away enamel, it can no longer be reversed. Treatment of tooth decay is essential to protect your tooth and the rest of your smile.  (more…)

Tips To Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Tips To Overcoming Dental AnxietyDo you get a pit of butterflies in your stomach just thinking about booking a dental appointment? If you do, you are not alone. Many Americans get anxious about visiting the dentist. The anxiety for some people is so large that it turns into a full fear or phobia. Fear and anxiety can keep people from maintaining routine dental visits, which can keep them from receiving important preventative care. Due to this, dental anxiety increases the risk of developing oral health problems. There are ways to overcome dental anxiety to make sure that you are getting the important care you need for your smile.  (more…)