3 Issues That Can Make It Harder For You To Avoid Cavities

How much of a cavity risk do you currently face? Is your normal smile routine as effective as you would like to believe? Cavities are a common problem, and you can affect your risk in more ways than you might realize. Your effective brushing and flossing routine can be undermined because of your weakness for soft drinks, or because you are not attending regular dental exams. If you do have an issue with tooth decay, you should know that your Lafayette, LA dentist is ready to help by offering a modern approach to restorative dental work. You can also learn more about effective strategies for preventive dental care during a regular checkup. (more…)

Improving Your Appearance And Oral Health After Tooth Loss

You can understandably have some concerns about the way tooth loss affects the way others perceive you. You can look older, and less healthy, if you have a noticeable gap due to a missing tooth. You can also find yourself dealing with frustration over the way tooth loss makes biting and chewing more difficult. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can walk you through your options for replacing lost teeth. Our practice can use different types of dental prostheses to give you back your complete smile. You can also find out how dental implants improve your experience with your restoration. (more…)

Treating Your Affected Tooth With A Dependable Custom Crown

An injured tooth, or a tooth that is experiencing the ill effects of a cavity, can be in serious need of treatment. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can review a tooth that is in poor shape, and recommend the appropriate restorative dental treatment. If the problem is serious enough, it may require the placement of a dental crown. Crowns cover all of the teeth they protect above the gum line. This is about more than just keeping a tooth safe against future damage or infections. The restoration is meant to act as a substitute for your tooth when you bite and chew. (more…)

Why Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Because they can create serious problems for your oral health, wisdom teeth are often extracted. You may wonder why teeth that occur naturally cause such concern, or why extraction is often the recommended course. The trouble with wisdom teeth lies in how they fit in with the rest of your teeth. Actually, it might be more accurate to say the trouble lies with how they do not fit in. When they erupt, these third molars can cause crowding, and lead to discomfort. By carefully extracting your wisdom teeth, your Lafayette, LA dentist can protect you from the development of persistent issues that affect your dental alignment, and your well-being. (more…)

Solving Your Frustrating Cosmetic Dental Problems

When you feel unhappy about your appearance, particularly with your smile, your confidence can be badly shaken. As a result of your dissatisfaction, you can be uncomfortable in social situations, and reluctant to have your picture taken. When you bring your concerns to your Lafayette, LA dentist’s attention, you can find that effective solutions to your smile issues may be more attainable than you realize. You may be able to see terrific changes with as little as one procedure, and start flashing a smile you are thrilled to share with everyone around you! (more…)

The Link Between Dental Alignment And Bite Function

If you have an untreated issue with your bite function, you may be vulnerable to several negative issues. You might not realize how much work you are demanding of certain teeth – over time, that excess wear and tear can make them more vulnerable to problems. You can also put too much stress on your jaw joints while biting and chewing, which can lead to TMJ dysfunction. People who have untreated issues with their bite are often experiencing the consequences of having misaligned teeth. Your Lafayette, LA dentist is ready to help you take on bite problems caused by providing orthodontic work. (more…)

Treating TMJ Dysfunction Can Put A Stop To Recurring Pain

Just about every activity can be harder to enjoy, or manage, when you have recurring issues with pain. Your work day can feel considerably longer when you are dealing with chronic headaches, or pain in your face and neck. Even fun outings with friends or family can be less pleasant if you have to put up with discomfort. If you have been suffering from frequent discomfort, the issue may be due to TMJ dysfunction, a problem with your jaw joints and/or muscles. To put a stop to it, and improve your quality of life, schedule an appointment with your Lafayette, LA dentist’s office. (more…)

Make Time To Discuss Dental Discoloration With Your Dentist

You may have a hard time avoiding dental discoloration, simply because so many popular foods and drinks are capable of leaving stains in your enamel. If you feel unhappy with the way discoloration has changed your smile, or if you are bothered by the way store bought whitening products have offered limited results, you can bring your concerns to the attention of your Lafayette, LA dentist. A professional whitening treatment can help you make the sort of improvements you really want to see, and give you back your confidence in your smile. (more…)

Bad Habits In The Morning Can Have An Effect On Your Smile

The start of your day can affect your attitude, and your energy levels. If you oversleep and rush to work without a proper breakfast, you can spend your morning distracted and famished. If you give yourself time to properly wake up and mentally prepare for your routine, you can stay in good spirits throughout your day. One thing you should know is that the habits you keep in the morning affect more than just your mood – certain bad habits at the start of your day can negatively affect your smile. Remember that smart daily habits, plus regular dental exams with your Lafayette, LA dentist, can be important for maintaining healthy, attractive teeth. (more…)

Making Sure You Feel Confident In Your Smile After A Cavity

When tooth decay forms, your tooth faces a serious risk. As time passes, a cavity can continue to grow, and you can suffer the permanent loss of more enamel. Eventually, decay can lead to an internal infection that causes your tooth serious discomfort. An infection like this will need to be treated with a root canal. If nothing is done, the tooth can eventually be so damaged that it has to be removed. Fortunately, your Lafayette, LA dentist can stop this from happening. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can enjoy the appropriate restorative dental care, and return your tooth to good condition. In addition to protecting the health of your tooth, your dentist can make sure you still feel good about the way it looks by offering you modern dental restorations. (more…)