How Worried Should I Be If My Teeth Are Crooked?

Are your crooked teeth just a problem for the way you look when you smile, or are there other problems created by this matter that you should be aware of? Unfortunately, there are oral health issues that can be connected to dental misalignment that impact you in frustrating ways. You could have problems with your bite function that eventually lead to problems with TMJ dysfunction. People sometimes have a greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease because their teeth overlap in ways that make it difficult to fully remove oral bacteria. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can provide you with orthodontic work to fix these issues, while also improving your smile. (more…)

What Happens at a Checkup and Cleaning Appointment?

Part of keeping your smile healthy is attending a checkup and cleaning appointment at least once every six months. While that’s common knowledge, many people fail to stick to that routine consistently, which significantly increases their risks of experiencing preventable conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we encourage everyone to schedule and attend their routine visits consistently to help avoid the development of serious oral health issues. During each visit, we’ll not only thoroughly check your teeth and gums for signs of trouble, but also carefully remove every trace of harmful plaque and tartar and help you improve the future of your oral health. (more…)

3 Signs You Should Schedule an Emergency Visit

Usually, your calendar will tell you when it’s time to visit the dentist. On average, you should schedule a checkup and cleaning appointment at least once every six months. However, there may be times when you should see your dentist as soon as possible, even when you aren’t sure if you have a dental emergency. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we know that your oral health may not always follow a strict schedule, and we offer several customized treatment options to help you recover from most dental emergencies you might face. (more…)

A Few Considerations Before Getting Dental Implants

When you lose one or more teeth, their loss can become one of the biggest factors in the state of your oral health. The best way to control the potential effects to the rest of your smile is to replace the lost teeth, and in many cases, dental implants offer the most comprehensive solution for doing so. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we often recommend dental implants to help patients regain the good oral health, bite function, and confidence in their smiles that they deserve. (more…)

Why Porcelain Veneers Are Growing More Popular

Regardless of exactly what issues they want to fix, most patients who want to improve their smiles prefer to minimize how much treatment they receive. That’s why most cosmetic dental treatments are designed to achieve maximum results as conveniently and conservatively as possible. That’s also one of the many reasons why modern, custom-designed porcelain veneers are becoming an increasingly more popular solution. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we can often create a highly personalized smile improvement plan using just one or more custom porcelain veneers. Not only are the veneers tailored for optimal cosmetic results, but they can be placed with minimal alterations to the teeth that receive them. (more…)

A Closer Look at the Advantages of Dental Implants

Tooth loss has become less prominent as dental health care has advanced, but it still remains a significant problem for a large number of people. Fortunately, replacing lost teeth has become just as effective and convenient as taking care of your smile, especially with the help of highly lifelike dental implants. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we often recommend dental implants to help patients rebuild and preserve their healthy, beautiful smiles following tooth loss. As the root-like devices provide the most realistic way to support your replacement teeth, they offer several advantages for your smile that other, more conventional prosthetic options can’t offer. (more…)

The Cosmetic Solution to a Gummy Smile

If teeth stains are your smile’s biggest cosmetic concern, then improving it could be as simple as undergoing customized teeth-whitening treatment. In fact, you have a variety of options for addressing virtually cosmetic blemish that affects your teeth. However, for many people, their teeth aren’t the biggest factor or concern with their smile – they’re gums are. Excessive and/or uneven gum tissues can create an asymmetrical appearance for your smile, regardless of how straight and healthy your teeth are. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we can correct your gummy smile with custom-designed cosmetic gum contouring – the process of carefully sculpting minimal amounts of gum tissue to create a straighter, more attractive gum line. (more…)

Why Tooth Bonding Might Be a Better Option

Cosmetic dental treatment has been one of the more notable areas of advancement in the dental health field. For example, most cosmetic dental treatments today not only offer highly lifelike and esthetically appealing results, but are also designed to help optimize your immediate and long-term oral health, as well. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we offer a wide range of customizable cosmetic dental treatments, each with a unique set of advantages depending on your specific needs. For many patients, tooth bonding is the better option for improving their smiles because it accomplishes both of those goals – smile improvement and preservation – with optimal results. (more…)

Does Teeth-Whitening Always Work?

When your teeth are stained, professional teeth-whitening may be the first solution that comes to mind. As one of the most convenient cosmetic dental treatments, teeth-whitening is well-known for its ability to successfully erase most types of external teeth stains in a highly conservative manner. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we often perform customized teeth-whitening to help patients regain the youthful, healthy, and blemish-free appearance their smiles deserve. However, before recommending it, we’ll ensure that teeth-whitening will work by performing a thorough, comprehensive examination of your teeth and oral health. (more…)

Get to Know Your Wisdom Teeth Better

You may never have a problem with your wisdom teeth (or never develop any at all) and yet still be familiar with how commonly they can lead to oral health trouble. Unfortunately, many people do experience such trouble, and their knowledge of it is first-hand. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we commonly perform wisdom tooth extraction to remove the impacted molars and alleviate the discomfort associated with them. We also help you get to know your wisdom teeth better, and recognize when extracting them may be a good idea even if you haven’t yet experienced any issues. (more…)