Is Invisalign® Right For My Smile?

Is Invisalign® Right For My Smile?Life with a crooked, overcrowded, oddly spaced, or uneven smile can be challenging. Not only can this kind of smile make you feel less confident, a crooked smile is at an increased risk for developing tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder, and other issues. Because of this, straightening teeth has benefits that go beyond your smile’s appearance. A straighter smile can make for a healthier smile.  Invisalign® clear treatment can be a way for adults or teenagers to discreetly straighten their smile. There are some benefits to Invisalign® treatment that may make it right for your smile(more…)

I Want To Change The Shape Of My Gums

I Want To Change The Shape Of My GumsYou should have a smile that you makes you feel proud and confident. If your smile makes you feel self-conscious, it could make you feel less confident in your daily life. The appearance goes beyond the appearance of your teeth; the shape and size of your gums can make a big difference to your smile’s appearance. Your gums frame for your teeth, which means that gums that are asymmetrical, too long, or too short can affect the way your teeth look. If the size or shape of your gums make you feel insecure, gum contouring may be a way to address it. Gum contouring can change the shape of your gums to restore your confidence in your smile.  (more…)

Are You Grinding Your Teeth While You Sleep?

Are You Grinding Your Teeth While You Sleep?Uncontrollably grinding your teeth (known as bruxism) often occurs while you are sleeping. So, if you are asleep when it happens, how do you know if you are grinding your teeth? There are some signs that may indicate that you are grinding your teeth at night. Do you wake up with a sore jaw or teeth? Have you noticed yourself clenching your jaw during the day while you are awake? Do you have sensitive teeth or teeth that develop cavities easily? If you said yes to one or more of these, you may be grinding your teeth. Bruxism can put your smile at risk, so it is important for it to be treated. Your dentist can help you manage your teeth grinding and protect your oral health.  (more…)

Will Porcelain Veneers Make The Right Changes To Your Smile?

Have you found yourself looking your smile over, and thinking of improvements you would love to see? With the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can make those desired changes into a reality! While many procedures can be performed, many people will find that their needs are fully met with the placement of porcelain veneers. You can have veneers set on your teeth in order to make positive corrections to issues with the color of your teeth, and to address dental damage. Patients have also seen positive changes to the size and spacing of certain teeth. Your dentist can talk to you during a consultation, and see if veneers are the best solution to your cosmetic concerns. In some cases, Lumineers – a thinner variant of traditional porcelain veneers – can be more appropriate. (more…)

Checkups Should Be A Regular Part Of Your Oral Health Care

What is your current strategy for fighting cavities, and maintaining an attractive smile? Are you brushing at least twice a day? How often are you taking the time to floss when you clean your teeth? There are several valuable measures you can take to protect your smile on your own time. With that said, you should not assume that your oral health care needs should only be addressed by you – you should seek professional dental care, too. By attending regular dental exams, you are able to provide your teeth with fantastic oral health support. This can help you prevent cavities, avoid gum disease, and generally maintain a healthier smile! (more…)

Making Sure You See Great Results When You Whiten Your Teeth

When you seek a professional whitening treatment, your goal should be to enjoy more than just a mild improvement. Unfortunately, whitening toothpastes and store bought whitening products may not be capable of delivering the kind of results you hope to attain. If you want to make your smile significantly brighter, take time to discuss cosmetic dental work with your dentist. A professional whitening treatment can make remarkable improvements to how you look. The bleaching agents your dentist can provide can remove stains that over the counter whiteners leave behind, and lead to bigger overall changes. You can discuss an in-office treatment, or take home a kit and perform treatments yourself. (more…)

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Enjoy Positive Cosmetic Changes From Bonding And Contouring

Many people can find at least one issue with their smile that they would like to change. It may be an issue with the color of their teeth, or the condition of a particular tooth that draws unwanted attention. While many different concerns might leave you dissatisfied with your appearance, you can be excited to learn how many issues your dentist can address through cosmetic dental work. Many different problems can be remedied through bonding and contouring. These treatments can be used to make dramatic changes to a particular tooth, and in less time than you might expect. You can look forward to how bonding and contouring can make impressive fixes in as little as a single appointment! (more…)

Sedation Dentistry Can Improve Your Dental Care Experience

Anxious patients tend to struggle with dental care. When a person has more extreme feelings of unease, they may find that even the most routine dental visits lead to feelings of alarm. Your dentist is proud to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment. If you find that even the most reassuring office experience is still unnerving – or if you are particularly concerned about an upcoming procedure – sedation dentistry can help. Sedation can help you feel a sense of relaxation, even as you stay conscious and alert during a procedure. The right sedative can also help with discomfort, making it beneficial to patients who struggle with TMJ dysfunction. Nitrous oxide and oral sedatives offer different levels of support to patients.  (more…)

Correcting Cosmetic And Dental Concerns With A Crown

Dental crowns are effective protectors of vulnerable teeth. By covering your tooth above the gum line, they can keep it safe from harm, and avoid any functional concerns. It can be easy to focus so much on the way crowns offer restorative dental health support that you fail to see how they can offer cosmetic benefits, too. Your dentist is able to have your crown constructed from one of several life-like materials. Patients who receive esthetically pleasing crowns enjoy the benefits of oral health support, while also feeling confident in how they look. When people see your smile, they will not be distracted by the jarring sight of a metal restoration. Instead, they can see what they believe to be a healthy, attractive smile.  (more…)