New Year’s Resolutions For Your Smile

New Year's Resolutions For Your Smile Today is New Year’s Eve; are you ready for the countdown to 2019? Some people make a New Year’s resolution every single year, while some do not even bother with it. Whether or not you are a person who makes New Year’s resolutions, we have some ideas on how to get a healthier smile in 2019. Feel free to try out any of the three following resolution ideas or try out all three. It is important to remember that prevention and vigilance are the best things for protecting your smile. Your dental team in Lafayette, LA is here to help you with your smile’s health. We also wish you a very Happy New Year!   (more…)

Why Do I Need To Stop Grinding My Teeth?

Why Do I Need To Stop Grinding My Teeth?You may have been told by your dentist at some point that it looks like you have been grinding your teeth. Your dentist may have even recommended that you stop grinding your teeth. Likely they helped pinpoint a cause for the habitual grinding of your teeth (also known as bruxism) in an effort to help you stop. If you are asleep when you do it, are you that worried about grinding your teeth? Should you be? The short answer is yes. Teeth grinding can weaken your teeth and increase your risks for tooth decay and gum disease. Habitual teeth grinding can also put a lot of strain on your jaw joints. Your dentist in Lafayette, LA is here to help you stop grinding your teeth and restore any areas of your smile already affected.  (more…)

Quiz: How TMJ Problems Can Intrude On Your Life

Aches and pains can intrude on quiet moments, and make stressful situations even more difficult to manage. If you struggle with TMJ dysfunction, the problems you experience can seriously hurt the quality of your life. There is no single cause for TMJ dysfunction, but the issue is rooted in troubles with your jaw joints, and/or the muscles that operate your jaw. You can experience headaches, limited or painful jaw mobility, and persistent discomfort in your neck and face. The problem can be even more worrisome if you also struggle with teeth grinding. When too much time passes without treatment, a teeth grinding habit, known as bruxism, can result in serious dental damage! Your Lafayette, LA dentist can work with you to address your troubles, and help you escape these recurring, unpleasant symptoms. (more…)

Things To Do This Week In Lafayette

Things To Do This Week In LafayetteThe week between Christmas and New Year’s is one that could already be quite busy for you or it could be quite relaxing. If you are not going back to work this week, you may be at home hanging out with family that is town. This week and weekend in Lafayette, LA has plenty of entertaining things to do if you are looking for some fun entertainment. If you are ready to have great smile health in 2019, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Young.  (more…)

I Want A Whiter Smile Next Year

I Want A Whiter Smile Next Year Have you been saying goodbye to people and adding that little joke of “see you next year” at the end? Next year is just a little over a week. Your goals and resolutions can become a reality in 2019. If you have spent most of the year or any of the year in 2018 lamenting the shade of your teeth, you can do something about it. Dr. Young and his team in Lafayette, LA can help you brighten up your smile to get it to the beautiful white shade you are looking for. The means in which he helps you achieve your whiter smile may depend on what is causing your smile discoloration, but a white smile is achievable next year.  (more…)

3 Things To Remember About Cavities

3 Things To Remember About CavitiesCavities are also known as dental caries and they are an early stage of tooth decay. Cavities are incredibly common, so it is likely that if you are reading this that you have experienced a cavity at least once in your life. Some people are more prone to them than others, but for the most part, cavities can be prevented. In order to prevent tooth decay, you need to keep harmful bacteria from attacking your teeth. You can do so by keeping up with a good oral hygiene routine, visiting your dentist at least once every six months, and being mindful about what you eat and drink. If you do encounter a cavity, it is important for you to get it treated as soon as you can. Dr. Young in Lafayette, LA can help you deal with cavities or other conditions with your smile. (more…)

Last Minute Smile-Friendly Gifts

Last Minute Smile-Friendly GiftsChristmas Eve is a week away, which means the hustle and bustle is on for holiday shopping. If you are still looking for a last minute gift for a loved one, we have some ideas. The best thing about these gift ideas is that they are also good for the smile. Smile-healthy gifts mean you can give the gift of a brighter smile to your spouse, a fun new toothbrush to your niece or nephew, or even treat yourself with a cosmetic treatment. Don’t forget to use the last couple of weeks of 2018 to use up the rest of your dental insurance benefits. You can even team up with your dental team in Lafayette, LA to plan treatment for 2019.  (more…)

Fun This Weekend In Lafayette

Fun This Weekend In LafayetteLafayette, Louisiana is a city rich in culture, music, food, and good people. During the holidays, the richness of these things seems to deepen like the flavor of a good roux. This weekend is chock full of fun, exciting, and interesting things to do in Lafayette. While you are planning your weekend of fun activities, don’t forget to plan your next visit to the dentist. There are just a few more weeks left to use your 2018 dental insurance benefits(more…)

Ways You Can Improve Your Gum Health

Ways You Can Improve Your Gum Health Did you know that gum disease is the leading reason for tooth loss in Americans? Many people believe that gum health is secondary to dental health, but the two are so closely related that they are both a top priority. Maintaining healthy gums is important for the long-term health of your smile. If you notice any signs of gingivitis (the earliest form of periodontal disease), there may be time to reverse the disease by improving your gum health. Some signs of gingivitis include red puffy gums or bleeding from the gums when you floss or brush. However, once periodontal disease reaches the more advanced stages, it cannot be reversed. Dr. Young in Lafayette, LA wants to help you improve your gum health and your overall oral health.  (more…)

New Year’s Resolution: Healthy Smile

New Year's Resolution: Healthy SmileIt can be hard to believe that 2018 has just a few weeks left. With the New Year fast approaching, you may have already decided on your New Year’s Resolution for 2019. Maybe you have decided to work out more or finally finish that art project? If you have not decided what your resolution will be, may we offer a suggestion? What about resolving to work on your smile’s health? You can talk to your dentist about specific things you could be doing to improve your oral health. You can commit to finally hitting those good smile habits. Maybe you want to eat better to benefit both your smile and your overall health. Whatever your specific smile resolution is, you can talk to Dr. Young and his team in Lafayette, LA about how best to go about making it happen. We want to help you reach your smile goals!  (more…)