Smiling Can Make You Happy

smileDid you know people who frown during medical procedures experience more pain? Studies show that frowning appears to bring on feelings of negativity, while smiling induces positive emotions and feelings of well-being. Maybe that’s because when you’re under stress your body releases the hormone cortisol, which has been associated with depression, mental illness, and a host of physical ailments. On the other hand, smiling has been proven to reduce stress and make people feel happier.  Therefore, investing in a healthy smile can truly make you happy. If embarrassment, due to a dull, aging smile, or crooked or damaged teeth, is keeping you from smiling, contact your Lafayette dentist Dr. Young, for an evaluation and to discuss your options for improving your smile.


How Does Sugar Cause Cavities?

no to sugarIf you have a sweet tooth, then you’ve probably wondered, “why?” whenever someone warns you about candy’s danger to your teeth, or wished there were some way around it. Though sugar inevitably fuels the destructive processes that can threaten your smile, understanding these processes and sugar’s exact involvement in them can help you take measures to protect the health and integrity of your teeth. Your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael J. Young, helps you reduce the risk of cavities by explaining the danger of excessive sugar and how best to neutralize it. (more…)

Test Your Bruxism Knowledge

Illustration of a sleeping person grinding her teeth.Many people subconsciously grind or clench their teeth from time to time. However, when it becomes intensive enough to cause tooth damage or health problems, it is time to see your Lafayette, LA dentist, Dr. Young.


Dental Implants: From Root to Crown

implant imageIf you are scheduled for a dental implant procedure, or are considering the likelihood of scheduling one with your Lafayette, La dentist, you may be curious as to how an implant works. Dental implants are used to restore missing teeth, integrating a post, attaching an abutment, and setting a crown. The anchor is made of titanium, which the jawbone fuses to after the implant is surgically inserted. Once the anchor is in place, and the jawbone has healed/fused, an extension is attached to the implant, called an abutment, and then a crown is secured to the abutment. The end result is a secure, strong, natural looking tooth.   (more…)

How to Care for Your Dentures

Couple on the CouchIf you have recently received dentures at our Lafayette, LA practice, you may be wondering about the best way to maintain your restorations. Just as you should practice good hygiene for your natural teeth, you should also carefully maintain your dentures. Even though your new teeth are synthetic, if you do not clean them properly, plaque can begin to accumulate, damaging the restorations and threatening your oral health. Dr. Young understands that dentures are an investment in your dental health and appearance. By properly caring for your dentures, you can ensure greater durability and stability for your new smile. (more…)

Are You Losing Sleep to Sleep Apnea?

tired yawning cup of coffeeIn a world where nearly everything new is designed to stimulate and entertain, losing sleep is easier than ever before. Instead of resting, you might want to catch up on new episodes of your favorite program, play around with your new phone or tablet, or get ahead on the next day’s workload. Sometimes, however, you might be losing sleep without even realizing it. The term, apnea, literally means “to stop breathing” in Greek, and sleep apnea describes a condition where your breathing periodically stops at night. Even though you think you’re sleeping soundly, you might soon begin exhibiting signs of sleep deprivation and fatigue. (more…)

More than Digital X-Rays: The Technology of Modern Dentistry

digital x-ray panoramicDiagnostics is the most important aspect your of cosmetic and restorative dental treatment. Without accurately diagnosing your condition, Dr. Young wouldn’t be able to assess your dental health and suggest an appropriate treatment plan. Though X-rays have long been a vital resource in dental diagnostics, digital X-rays offer significantly improved and instantaneous images while producing over 80% less radiation. Still, digital X-rays are only a small portion of the technology that Dr. Young employs to maximize the results of your dental treatment. (more…)

How to Improve Your Family’s Dental Health

happy family running happilyDental care means different things to different people, including each member of your family. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Michael J. Young understands that optimal dental care means individualized attention for each and every member of your family. Some aspects of dental health, however, are largely universal for everyone. For instance, good hygiene means attentive teeth brushing and flossing every day, coupled with routine dental checkups and cleanings, no matter how old you are. By maximizing your hygiene routine at home, you can help keep your family’s smiles clean, and avoid the need for complex restorative treatment. (more…)

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix That?

embarrassed woman covers her smileIf you could change something about your smile, what would it be? Whether your teeth are a little duller than you’d like, or seem out of alignment, Dr. Young can help improve their appearance with custom-designed cosmetic dentistry procedure. The first step to your smile improvement is to determine where, exactly, the problem lies, and how you wish your smile to look. After a thorough examination, Dr. Young will consult with you to answer all of your questions and help you design treatment plan to create the smile you want. (more…)

Is Gum Disease Something You Should Worry About?

woman with worried smileIt’s more than an issue with your gums; periodontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States. The rampant inflammation associated with the condition is also a recognized risk factor for other chronic inflammatory conditions.  The good news is that gum disease is highly preventable, and equally as controllable if it’s allowed to develop. All you need is a good hygiene routine at home and a diligent schedule of professional care at Dr. Young’s office to help ensure your gums and teeth remain healthy and disease-free. (more…)