3 Facts About Root Canal Therapy

about root canalsSaving your teeth is always high on the list of priorities at your dental office, as well as protecting them from disease. Sometimes, improper hygiene techniques can lead to infections or nerve damage deep within the canals of your tooth. When this occurs, the best course of treatment is usually root canal therapy because it quickly eliminates pain and bacteria, while simultaneously saving a major part of your natural tooth structure. Although root canals receive a bit of negative press, they are extremely beneficial in restorative dentistry. (more…)

Achieve a Lovely Smile with Bonding

smilingblondeyellowleavesHave you ever found one tiny thing wrong with your tooth and realized that it somehow damages the esthetic quality of your entire smile? Maybe you gently chipped one of your teeth and it seems like it is the only thing you notice when you see a picture of yourself smiling. Or, perhaps you have a little gap between two of your teeth that drives you a little bit mad – if only you could fill the space. Fortunately, we can improve your imperfections with dental bonding if what you need is the addition of a bit more tooth tissue. Ready to find out more about how this works and if it’s right for you? Read further:


Your Third Molars

ancient manIn ancient times humans were bestowed with three sets of molars to accommodate their diet which included roots, bark, seeds, raw vegetables, and large pieces of raw meat. Over the years, the human jaw has become smaller due to a softer diet of cooked foods. As a result many people don’t always have room for their wisdom teeth or third molars. Wisdom teeth can cause many problems. Read on to find out more about your third molars.     


5 Ways to Brighten Your Teeth

brightenyourteethA beautiful smile can help you feel confident and make a great impression. However, over time a variety of factors can lead to stained teeth. What causes discoloration and what can we do to avoid unsightly brown or yellow stains? Today, we’re looking at five ways to brighten your smile.


FAQs: How Do You Replace Missing Teeth?


Do you suffer from the loss of one or more permanent teeth? When we lose our teeth, we also lose our ability to eat and speak as we once did. In addition, missing teeth can also lead to misalignment and facial collapse. In order to return your smile to optimal health and function, you need to restore your smile. How do you replace missing teeth? We offer a number of options.


Quiz: How Do I Address a Dental Emergency?


If you encounter sudden discomfort or your teeth become damaged, then you may be experiencing a dental emergency. This refers to any damage or discomfort to the teeth or gums. Unless the issue is potentially life threatening, you should contact your nearest dental professional for help. We can also offer tips on how to address a dental emergency.


How Dental Crowns Improve Your Smile

crownfortoothSometimes you suffer from tooth decay too severe for a dental filling. You may even experience trauma or breakage to your tooth that leaves your tooth in need of protection, coverage, and structural support. In these cases, and some others, we may suggest a dental crown. Wondering how this restorative treatment may improve your smile? Learn more with the following information:


Do You Suffer from Sleep Apnea?

sleepapneacouple2If you have ever been told that you snore – or if you’ve woken yourself up as a result – you should immediately determine whether you suffer from sleep apnea. The same is true if you suffer from any of the common symptoms. The reason we encourage you to learn more about this sleep disorder is the same reason we ask you a series of questions during your dental checkup to find out whether you suffer from this problem: It can have a significantly negative impact on your daily life as well as your long-term health. So do yourself a quick favor. Read up on the basics and contact us right away if you think sleep apnea treatment may help you move more comfortably through the day, while sleeping more soundly at night.


Brush, Floss, Visit, Repeat

toothbrushesblueishYou probably know how important it is that you visit us for your six-month checkups and cleanings because we make sure you to tell you every time we see you. We also encourage you to take excellent care of your teeth and gums at home. This is because all parts of preventive care – both what takes place in our office and what happens in the comfort of your own home – are essential factors in helping you maintain a healthy, beautiful, comfortable smile. If you have questions about best practices for home care, we encourage you to ask when you see us next. In the meantime, to ensure you are making the most of your dental hygiene on your own time, look over the following suggestions:


Tooth Contouring for the Win

smilegreensweaterWondering what we’re talking about when we mention tooth contouring to improve the aesthetic value of your smile? This treatment is simple and extremely effective – it’s also an efficient, budget-friendly solution to improving a variety of minor imperfections. If you feel disappointed with the appearance of your smile as the result of small issues – like tooth shape or tooth length – speak with us about this cosmetic solution to find out if it will steer you toward the appearance you desire. In the meantime, look over the following information to help you decide whether this option may be for you: