Answering Your Questions About Dental Crowns

Beautiful Dental CrownsFor decades dental crowns were primarily made of metal, which could cause otherwise beautiful smiles to seem unsightly. But modern crowns are more beautiful and long lasting than their predecessors, making them an ideal form of restorative treatment for many patients, and in a variety of dental situations. Whether you’ve recently had a cavity filled, have a root canal scheduled, or unexpectedly lost a tooth, you might be surprised the many ways dental crowns can help restore or complete your smile. (more…)

Want a Whiter Smile? It’s Time for Professional Teeth Whitening!

Paint Chip Couple WhiteningIs your smile starting to look more beige than brilliant white? Over time, it’s not uncommon for people’s teeth to become dingy or discolored. Daily brushing and flossing can help keep your smile healthy, but it can’t always prevent staining. If you enjoy a daily cup of coffee, red wine, or tea, it’s very likely you will develop teeth stains. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry means you don’t have to settle for less-than-pearly whites? Professional teeth whitening can help bring back the brightness to your smile!

Want Straighter Teeth Without Any Metal? Clear Braces Can Help

Clear Braces SmileMisaligned teeth can make chewing difficult, but they can also be embarrassing, particularly if there are noticeable gaps between the teeth or a visible over or underbite. Unfortunately, for years the only way to address alignment issues was through traditional metal braces, which could be uncomfortable, restricting where food is concerned, and just as embarrassing as alignment issues. Clear braces provide an alternative, one that can straighten your teeth without the side effects of traditional orthodontia. (more…)

Get Back to Normal With a Tooth-colored Filling

Normal Life with FillingNow that summer is winding down, it’s time to get back into a more normal routine. But that can be difficult if you’ve been experiencing dental pain. Though hardly the only cause of discomfort, cavities are by far the most common form of sensitivity and moderate to severe pain. Particularly if it’s isolated to a single tooth, you might have a cavity. Thankfully, modern dentistry allows for natural-looking fillings that can help protect your tooth and beautify your smile! (more…)

Keep on the Bright Side of Life with Cosmetic Dentistry

Summer Smile after Professional WhiteningHaving a positive outlook in life can bring you a great deal of joy. But what happens when your smile doesn’t match that same bright attitude? What if it makes you feel ashamed? Your smile should help show the world how happy you are, but if concerns about your smile are making you frown, your cosmetic dentist can help. Cosmetic dentistry can help give you a smile that more adequately reflects your inner beauty, and one that gives you even more confidence to face the world. (more…)

What About Your Teeth?

Woman Smiling at Gym Preventive CareIf you have spent the last year doing crunches for your abs, drinking milk for your bones, taking vitamins for your hair, and breaking the bad habit of biting your nails, it’s likely you’re concerned with feeling and looking your best. Many people take all kinds of steps to achieve healthy and fit bodies, clear skin and strong bones. But what are you doing to take care of your smile? In your quest for perfection, if you’ve forgotten your smile, it’s time to learn how you can take better care of – and beautify – your one and only smile. (more…)

Take Our Quiz: Dental Technology

Take Our Quiz Dental TechnologyDental visits have come a long way in the past 100 years. The first US dental X-rays were made around 1900. The first dental hygienist education program was established in 1913. In 1945, Grand Rapids began the first community program of fluoridated drinking water. Innovations in dental technology are ongoing, and they make a difference to our patients every day. You can be sure we are keeping up with what is on the horizon, to help you take excellent care of your teeth and gums! (more…)

Do You Take Your Gums For Granted?

Do You Take Your Gums For GrantedYou hear a lot about tooth care, and tooth brushing and taking good care of your teeth. Don’t let your gums get lost in all the fuss. Many habits that care for your teeth do also help your gums. Gentle brushing at the gum line, for example, helps keep that area free of tiny food particles, and the sticky film of plaque. Good preventative care of your gums, as well as your teeth, will pay off in fresh breath and fewer dental issues throughout your life. (more…)

Eating and Drinking for Oral Health

Eating and Drinking for Dental HealthLike every other part of the body, teeth need the proper nourishment to stay strong. A varied and nutritious diet benefits all the systems in your body, and there are a few vitamins and minerals that particularly support your teeth. Eating and drinking for oral health is one preventive strategy that can help decrease the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other issues. While no diet can promise healthy teeth throughout your life, there is no reason to ignore food and beverage strategies that benefit your oral health. (more…)

Who Uses Sedation Dentistry, And Why?

Who Uses Sedation Dentistry And WhyPeople who look forward to dental procedures are few and far between. Even a routine checkup and cleaning can be a source of anxiety for some people. One solution is to avoid seeing a dentist, but this is an unfortunate choice. Teeth cannot repair themselves, and checkups and cleanings are important to good oral health. For anxious patients, sedation dentistry is an option that allows them to receive the care they need, without the discomfort they are concerned about. (more…)