3 Tips For A Healthy Holiday Smile

3 Tips For A Healthy Holiday Smile

Hanukkah’s traditional treats are gold coins of chocolate. Christmas has cookies, candy canes, fudge, sugar plums, figgy pudding, and on and on. With all of this sugar around, how is it possible to keep your smile safe and healthy during the holiday season? Our team in Lafayette, LA has made a list of three tips that can help you keep your own and your family’s smiles healthy this season. It’s also important to remember that 2018 is almost over; be sure to use this year’s dental insurance benefits while you can.


Festive Things To Do In Lafayette

Festive Things To Do In LafayetteLafayette, Louisiana is a town with wonderful culture that is alive all year long. It becomes even more beautiful and bustling this time of year with festive holiday events popping up. Whether you want to eat some special holiday food or make some Christmas crafts, there is something for everyone. This time of year is also a great time to check in with Dr. Young about your smile’s health. Use up your 2018 dental insurance benefits before the year ends, and get a head start on your New Year’s smile resolutions.  (more…)

Can Holiday Stress Affect My Oral Health?

Can Holiday Stress Affect My Oral Health?Holidays are a joyous, festive time for many people. For many others, it can be a time of stress. For most people, it is a combination of the two. Between the financial strain sometimes caused by gift shopping, the long hours at work, spending extra time with family, or just juggling a busy schedule, this time of year can create a lot of stress. Stress can be a problem on your overall health by raising your blood pressure and affecting your mood and sleep. Stress can also be a problem for your oral health. Managing your stress levels can be important for your smile’s health. Checking in with your dentist in Lafayette, LA can also be a way to keep your smile strong and healthy.  (more…)

3 Ways To Handle Your Dental Anxiety

3 Ways To Handle Your Dental AnxietyIf you get sweaty and nervous just thinking about a dental visit, you are not alone. Many Americans express some form of dental anxiety. Many of these people can work through it to get the care that they need. Unfortunately, dental anxiety can keep many people from getting routine dental care. Foregoing preventive care like twice-a-year cleanings and exams can allow time for serious problems to evolve. If you are a person who suffers from dental anxiety, it is important that you find a way to handle it to get the important care you need. Dr. Young in Lafayette, LA offers compassionate dental care for you and your family.  (more…)

Can I Straighten My Teeth At My Age?

Can I Straighten My Teeth At My Age?Pop culture has lead many of us to believe that orthodontic treatment is only for teenagers. Movies and television shows are filled with adolescents with a mouth full of metal. However, straightening your smile’s alignment can be important at any age. A crooked smile can lead to problems beyond a wonky appearance. Bite misalignment can lead to a higher risk of damage, decay, gum disease, and jaw dysfunction. Putting your smile into a proper alignment can minimize these risks and protect your oral health. Invisalign® clear aligners can be a great choice for both teenagers and adults looking to straighten their smile. Dr. Young in Lafayette, LA can help you determine if Invisalign® is right for you and your smile.  (more…)

Smile Care Over Winter Break

Smile Care Over Winter BreakElementary, junior high, high schools, and even colleges, tend to get a long extensive break for the holidays. This means that most kids and teens get a good chunk of free time during this time of year. Some lucky adults also get a long break for the winter season. This amount of free time makes winter break a great time to schedule a visit with your dentist. This time of year is also a good time of year to use up the rest of your 2018 dental insurance benefits before the new year begins. If you are in Lafayette, LA, take the time to check in on your family’s smile needs over the winter break(more…)

Why Is A Root Canal Needed For Some Cavities And Not Others?

Cavities continue to grow, and continue to cause harm, until you undergo the appropriate restorative dental treatment. In some cases, a person can count on proper care in the form of a dental filling, which is placed after the decayed portion of their tooth is removed. In other cases, an individual can find themselves in need of a root canal treatment, which addresses internal tooth problems. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can carefully examine your tooth when you have a cavity, and provide you with the care you need to fully recover from the problem. While root canals can carry a negative reputation with some patients, you should know that delaying or avoiding this treatment puts you at risk for serious oral health complications, and may lead to the loss of your tooth! (more…)

Lafayette’s Thanksgiving Weekend Events

Lafayette's Thanksgiving Weekend EventsThanksgiving week is here! While most of the time will probably be spent inside with food and family, you may still want to know about some of the fun events in Lafayette, LA happening this weekend. If you and your family do not go out shopping on Black Friday, you can find some more fun and cultural things to do. We want you to find some of the most fun things to do to make your Thanksgiving weekend wonderful! After the holiday, remember to check in on your oral health. November and December are great months to use the rest of your dental insurance benefits of 2018.  (more…)

3 Important Things To Know About Gingivitis

3 Important Things To Know About GingivitisThe roots of the word, gingivitis, are gingiva- and -itis, which literally means inflammation of the gum tissue. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, and it is caused by bacterial build-up along the gum line. There are three important things that you should know about gingivitis: it can be prevented, it can be treated, and it can progress into serious stages when ignored. Understanding these three things can help you to protect your smile. If you notice any signs of gum disease or gingivitis in your smile, it is imperative that you talk to your dentist. Dr. Young in Lafayette, LA can help you manage gum disease to keep your smile healthy.  (more…)

Two Types Of Tooth Discoloration

Two Types Of Tooth DiscolorationIt is a common belief that all tooth discoloration is the same. The misconception stems a little bit further to assume that all tooth discoloration comes from stains on the outside of the tooth. However, there are different types of tooth discoloration. While one type does come from external factors building up on the outer layer of enamel of teeth, another type comes from the inside of the tooth. Understanding these types of tooth discoloration can save you from years of frustration trying to remove a stain that you may never be able to reach. The different types of tooth discoloration must be managed differently. If you are frustrated with the color of your teeth, talk to Dr. Young in Lafayette, LA about your options to getting a shade you can be happy with.  (more…)