Should You Include Gum Contouring In Your Cosmetic Care?

When you set out to make improvements to your smile, you may want to consider how your gums currently affect your appearance. For some people, bulky or uneven periodontal tissue may play a part in why they are unhappy with their appearance. Your dentist can provide a gum contouring treatment, which involves the safe, careful removal of excess tissue. This can lead to teeth no longer exhibiting a short or squat appearance, and can help create better symmetry for your smile. Combining this and a cosmetic dental treatment to improve your teeth can result in you showing off a dramatically improved appearance. It should be noted that your restorative needs should be given priority over cosmetic work. Your dentist will also need to ensure you are a good candidate before recommending any cosmetic procedure. (more…)

Quiz: Planning Cosmetic Dental Care

When you select the right cosmetic dental treatment, you can see drastic improvements take place with your smile. Your dentist is prepared to perform a number of different procedures to help patients correct frustrating flaws. Determining which procedure is right for you will depend on the issues holding back your appearance. For instance, if you have stains affecting your enamel, your dentist can provide improvement through a whitening treatment. If your teeth look dull due to the matter of intrinsic discoloration, another cosmetic treatment can be more appropriate. (more…)

How Poor Preventive Dental Care Can Hurt Your Smile

Will insufficient preventive dental care hurt how your smile looks? It should be easy to understand how insufficient care can lead to oral health troubles. After all, a lack of proper cleaning, and a poor diet, will put you at risk for problems like tooth decay and gum disease. What you also have to worry about are issues like dental discoloration, and wear and tear. If you fail to keep your teeth clean while enjoying color-rich or darker items, stains in your enamel can worsen your smile’s color. If you neglect to respond after developing a teeth grinding habit, you could suffer unsightly wear and tear on your teeth. (more…)

3 Things You Can Count On From Porcelain Veneers

When you bring up receiving porcelain veneers to your dentist, you may be optimistic about the outcome, but unsure of exactly what to expect. Before you receive your veneers, your dentist needs to determine the exact measurements of your teeth, to have a custom set prepared for you. This, along with any preparatory work on your teeth to accommodate veneers, will take place during your first visit. After your veneers are constructed, you will return to have them bonded to your teeth. Once placed, you can count on veneers to make prominent, effectively permanent cosmetic dental improvements, while allowing your smile to retain a natural look. (more…)

Stop Teeth Stains From Affecting Your Smile

It can be tough to stay away from every beverage or food item that could cause stains in your teeth. Popular drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, and soft drinks are all capable of causing discoloration. Color-rich foods can also impact the whiteness of your smile. Many people will find that they can effectively prevent tooth decay, but still have stains to contend with. Your dentist can help make improvements to the color of your teeth through a cosmetic dental treatment. A professional whitening treatment will attack stains, and make your teeth whiter by many shades. That being said, if your discoloration is caused by something else, a different cosmetic procedure may be recommended. (more…)

Setting A FREE Consultation To Discuss Orthodontic Care

Do you feel like it might be time to inquire about orthodontic treatment for your child? Are you ready to take action against crooked teeth that have disrupted your smile? You can now tend to your needs with Dr. Young – in fact, during the summer, patients can arrange for a FREE consultation to discuss orthodontic care! At an orthodontic consultation, you can have an examination to determine what to expect from having your teeth straightened. This is an opportunity for your dentist to determine your potential needs, and a chance for you to ask any questions you might have about undergoing orthodontic work. (more…)

Emergency Care To Restore Your Smile

You may not be able to plan for a dental emergency, but your dentist will work to promptly provide the care you need if one occurs. The work you receive should protect your smile, while taking care of any health issues that demand attention. One reason your dentist takes care to be available in an emergency is because the amount of time it takes for you to enjoy treatment can affect the kind of care you need. For instance, a tooth that is seriously loosened, or that is knocked out, may be permanently lost if action is not taken in time. If the problem stems from an infection within your tooth (which can happen after an injury, or because of a cavity), waiting too long to address it can lead to complications. (more…)

Taking Care Of Smile Flaws With Bonding And Contouring

Your appearance can be thrown off by a single, relatively minor tooth flaw. Luckily, the field of cosmetic dental care provides patients with multiple treatment options that will help address issues in a way that appears natural. After a treatment, people who see your smile will only see what they assume is a naturally flawless appearance. Bonding and contouring, which are often performed simultaneously, can cover up problems that can affect how you look within a single appointment. These treatments allow your dentist to take care of a problem like discoloration, dental damage, or even problems with a tooth’s development. (more…)

Quiz: What You Can Count On From A Teeth Whitening Procedure

Your disappointment in store bought whitening products should not affect your expectations for a professional teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist has access to whitening gels that are capable of doing more for your smile than over the counter products. With professional agents, you can have stains that have settled into your teeth treated, meaning you can see an improvement in your smile’s color by many shades. Patients who elect to undergo a whitening treatment with their dentist can find themselves dazzled by the improvement they see thanks to a single appointment. Of course, you can choose to pick up the necessary materials to whiten your teeth at home, using products supplied by your dentist, and still enjoy these outstanding results. (more…)

Clearing Up Misunderstandings About Clear Braces

The idea of straightening your teeth without conventional braces can be enticing, but you may be unsure of how clear braces can help. How will clear braces move your teeth? How long will the process take? Will people really not be able to see them when I wear my clear braces? Different patients will have different needs when it comes to alignment issues. The severity of your poor dental alignment will influence how to best treat you. That being said, many patients find that they can count on clear braces to make important corrections. In addition to improving the quality of your smile, straightening your teeth can offer oral health benefits, including a lowered risk for TMJ problems. (more…)